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Mehsana Tourism

Gujarat is one of the best tourist destinations of India. In that, Mehsana is the glittering jewel of tourism which displays many historical monuments in its arena. Its excavation sites and historical monuments reveal that this is an ancient town of India. In eleventh century, this place flourished with ample artistic places and historical monuments under the rule of Solanki Dynasty. Those rulers were very keen on spreading wonderful architecture along with religious spirituality. Hence they constructed plethora of monuments around this region.

Tourism places to visit in Mehsana

There are many such evidences of chronology standing tall here though many of them are demolished by foreign invaders. After that Rajputs and Jain had great impact on this region whose proof are found in the form of tourist attractions in Mehsana. After independence Mehsana stayed as a part of Bombay province, but in separation of Gujarat, it became the district headquarters in this state. Mehsana tourism has flourished after this separation and now it is one of the leading tourism spots of India.

Prominent Places to Visit in Mehsana

Today, Mehsana is prime location of tourism well versed with all infrastructural requirements to attract huge flow of tourist. Its tourism consists of Indus valley civilization sites, historical structures, ancient temples, natural habitat, wild life sanctuary, museums, and other such places. Excavation sites are most attractive places of tourism to attract people who have penchant for visiting prehistoric sites. Followers of Hinduism and Jainism are prominent travelers of this place to watch significant temples of Mehsana.
Let us know where can you go in Mehsana:

Dudhsagar Dairy

It is an iconic place of Mehsana. The city has found its identity through this Dudhsagar Dairy in India. It is largest dairy in entire Asia and center of attraction for people coming in Mehsana.

Simandhar Swami Jain Temple

Shrine of Simandhar Swami Temple in Mehsana

Simandhar Swami Jain Temple is leading pilgrimage of Jainism, established with renowned shrine of present Tirthankars Simandhar Swami in Padmasana posture. It is visited by huge numbers of devotees all through the year.

Indus Valley Civilizations Sites, Loteshwar

Loteshwar is the prime attraction of Mehsana. It is situated near the Khari nadi in Mehsana. Loteshwar is famous for Indus Valley Civilization sites located on the banks of this river. It is also known as ‘Khari no timbo’ due to sand dunes found in this region. These pre historical sites are most highlighted tourist spots of Mehsana.

Mulnayak Jain Temple

Mulnayak Jain Temple is one of the main religious places of Jainism. It has 161 feet long idol of Lord Mahavir Swami situated in the posture of padmasana. Devotees from long distance come to pay their devotion in Mehsana. Its beautiful architecture and designing are the most significant part of this shrine.

Modhera Sun Temple

Attractions of Modhera Sun Temple located in Mehsana

Modhera Sun Temple is one of the ancient and prime locations of Mehsana tourism. It was constructed during 11th century by the rulers of Solanki dynasty. This artistic site has emerged as one of the significant places of chronology in Mehsana.

Hinglaj Mata Temple

Hinglaj Mata Temple is situated in Hinglajpura in Mehsana and recognized as significant religious temples of India. It has been visited by many well known saints and social figures of India. This temple is counted as teerath in Hindu community which draws devotees from all around the country.

Hinglaj Mata Temple located in the area of Mehsana

The temple is placed in tranquil locality which gives complete peace of mind. It is believed that deity of this temple is majestic with great miraculous powers. People having diseases visit this place to get relief from ailments. Hence it is prominently visited by tourists while coming for Mehsana tourism.

Swaminarayan Temple

Swaminarayan Temple is famous spiritual places of Mehsana. Being situated on State Highway, it is most emphasized tourism spot of Mehsana. The temple is constructed with sheer architectural significance and utter magnetism of artistic designing.

Thol wildlife Sanctuary

Thol wild life sanctuary is popular for shallow water bird sanctuary in the region of Mehsana. It was incepted by ruler of Baroda, Sayaji Rao Gaekwad to solve the purpose of water storage. Now it is prominent place of visit for nature enthusiast coming in Mehsana. Read More...................

Bahuchar Mata Temple

Bahuchar Mata Temple situated at Bahucharaji province is considered major religious places among the main shrines of Mehsana. The spirituality of temple is such that many devotees come throughout the year. Temple is dedicated to Mata Bahuchara, the renowned Goddess of Hindu community.

Shanku’s Water Park

Recreational facilities at Shanku water park in Mehsana

Shanku’s Water Park is prime attraction for adventurist people in Mehsana. Tourists coming here makes preferred trip to Shanku’s water park which is believed to be largest water park of India. Read More.............

Tanariri Memorial

Tanariri memorial located in MehsanaIt is memorial of great singer sisters Tana and Riri. These two were popular for their singing talent during the rule of Akbar. It is believed that after singing Deepak raag in the court of Akbar, Tansen was fuming internally.

He came to these two sisters who sang the Megh Malhar Raag which was the only remedy for such burning injuries. The memorial has been incepted in the memory of these talented singers as Tanariri Memorial.

Today, fairs and festivals are organized at this memorial for remembering such recognized singers.

Brahmani Mata Temple

Brahmani Mata Temple is well known religious place of Mehsana located in the Lanva town. The structure of temple is built with Arashpahan Stone which is pure pink in color. The entire temple is beautifully carved and artistically designed to give gorgeous looks to this shrine. It is beautiful high rising temple constructed with superb architecture.

Other Attractions of Mehsana

  • Rajmahal
  • Wide Angle Theatre
  • Keshar Bhavani mata temple
  • Shree Neelkanth Mahadev mandir
  • Shree Amarpuri Maharaj Temple
  • Jain temple, Vijapur
  • Gayatri Temple
  • Ayyappa temple
  • Ambika Mata temple
  • Simandhar Swami Jain Temple
  • Mar Greengorious Othodox Syrian Church
  • Temple of Bahuchar Mata
  • Bhavai Government Museum
  • Hatkeshwar Temple
  • Sharmishtha Lake
  • Step Well
  • Torans of Vadnagar

Shopping in Mehsana

Shopping in Mehsana is quite wonderful experience for travelers. Handicrafts found in this region are famous all around. Hence tourists must take tour of shopping places in and around Mehsana to collect some of the magnificent art and handicrafts of rural India. If anyone find any fair happening around the city, then it is must visit place for travelers. Craftsman and weavers from adjoining cities come in these fairs to exhibit their fine handicrafts. For modern people, there are few commercial malls and complexes setup in the city which can be good place to hang around and take collects of local market. Read More................

Hotels in Mehsana

Gujarat is one of the leading tourism states of India, and it has established good infrastructure all over the state to maintain huge flow of tourists in this region. Mehsana, being the leading place of tourism in the state, is well versed with lots of infrastructural facilities here. They have complied with all major facilities along with wide variety of stay options in the city.

Accommodation Facilities at hotels in Mehsana

In that hotels are the main component of hospitality industry in Mehsana. Big establishment of hoteliers are found in the region of railway station, bus stand, and Ahmedabad highway. These hotels offer luxurious stay with comfort of amenities. Water World resort and other such places are the most significant location for tourists to reside and get full comfort of luxurious activities.

Some of leading Hotels in Mehsana are:
  • Hotel Bhagyoday
  • Water World Resort
  • Saffrony Holiday Resort
  • The Highness Hotel
  • Rajpath Hotel

Restaurants in Mehsana

Best restaurants located in the region of Mehsana

Restaurants in Mehsana are located in every key locations and market places to serve delicious and hygienically prepared food. Travelers can choose any of restaurants to taste mouthwatering food of Mehsana. Khaman Dhokla, Farsan, Locho, Dal vada, bhajia, Methi na Gota, Muthia, Khandvi, Khichu, Sev Khaman, etc are renowned breakfast of Mehsana. People coming to Mehsana enhance their appetite by having such delicious food. In lunch, Gujarati Thalis are quite popular in Mehsana. People mostly prefer to have this only. Restaurants in Mehsana are offering all these food items to people traveling in the city for tourism.

Some of the leading Restaurants of Mehsana:
  • Sankalp Restaurants
  • Navjivan Restaurant
  • Hotel Cozy Restaurant
  • Silver Spoon Restaurant
  • New Janpath Restaurant

How to reach Mehsana

Mehsana is located in the region of northern Gujarat. It is versed with all means of transport and well connected to major cities like Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad.

Reaching Mehsana by Road

Mehsana is well connected with large numbers of State highways and district highways. Private taxis and state government buses are available from every nearby city to reach Mehsana. Private AC coach buses, sleeper buses and sitting buses are prominently used to reach Mehsana. Most of them provide overnight journey from main cities like Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, and other such major locations of Gujarat.

Reaching Mehsana by Train

How to reach for Mehsana through trains

Mehsana city serve as the railway junction on the major route of Ahmedabad- Jaipur. It is one of the main stations of Gujarat having halt of many superfast and express trains. Tourists can easily have reservation from any part of India to reach the city of Mehsana. It is situated on major Delhi – Mumbai railway line, hence regular trains are available from Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur to reach Mehsana. Even southern India is well connected with trains plying regularly connecting all cities.

Reaching Mehsana by Flight

How to reach Mehsana by flights

Though it has its own air strip for civil aviation training but, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad is the nearest commercial airport for Mehsana. This airport is 70 km away from Mehsana. The airport is connected to Mehsana through private taxis, prepaid cabs, and buses.

Best Time to Visit Mehsana

Mehsana receives three major seasons in a year, summer, monsoon, and winter. In summer, it receives extreme hot climate, while in winters it witness mild to cold climatic conditions. In monsoon it receives moderate to heavy showers which lasts for four months in a year. So the best time to visit this part of country is between September and March.

This period falls in winter season which is assumed to be best climatic conditions for Mehsana. During this period, travelers can witness various fairs and festivals as well along with magnificent attractions. Navratra and Diwali are major events celebrated with utter rejoice. Hence, travelers should plan trip during this phase to watch the traditions and culture of Mehsana tourism.

Things to do before moving in Mehsana

Mehsana is cultural city and blessed with religious places of attractions. The temples and sacred monuments found in the region of Mehsana are of Jainism and Hindu community. Hence people should be aware of dos and don’ts while touring this city.

Shrines laid down in the city are most pious one. Therefore, people traveling to this part should carry Indian ethnic wears rather than western outfits. Prefer to take sandals or wedges because foot wear are not allowed in these shrines.

Alongside, travelers must take full note of what to do or don’t while arriving any particular religious sites. Camera, binoculars, sunscreen, goggles, and first aid kit should be taken while going for Mehsana tourism. If you are planning for excursion trips in Mehsana then take list of car rentals and tour operators to organize proper tour for you. Winters are average cold, hence while moving around December and January; one should keep light to heavy winter collection.

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