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Three Interesting Villages in Mehsana

I am an ardent social worker, who has spent more than a week in three different villages in the Mehsana District. The beautiful district is located towards the North of Gujarat, this is where I have being working for more than three years. The Mehsana District are spread across 50 to 70 km and each of these villages are different from one another. If you are an enthusiastic traveller, you will find these villages extremely interesting and fascinating. Personally, I was awestruck to see a massive difference in culture and traditions within few short kilometres. So, are you prepared to walk through these breath taking villages with me?


The very first village I set foot on is Kesimpa. This is a progressive and affluent village that looks and feels good. Kesimpa has a mix of Hindus and Shia Muslims. The locals are a part of the Rabari Community. The proud village is well known for its affectionate and caring nature. Till date, the Rabari community has not witnessed any communal incidents. During my stay, I chose a beautiful Muslim Mohalla. Here the locals treated me with flawless hospitality and amazing affection. Also, I was astonished to see how educated and smart the children of Kesimpa village were. In fact, girls are advised to study till post graduation.

Villages in Mehsana

Women of the village were active at all times of the day! They work in farms and milk their cattle every day. Meanwhile, the local men engage in construction labor. Even at a nominal and supplementary income, the families lead a happy and care free life. Many families have their very own commercial gardens with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Homes in Kesimpa are made of Pucca. Locally, Pucca represents a mixture made of cement. The cattle sheds were located right opposite the cement homes and are maintained with lots of care.


When compared against Kesimpa, Dedasan is a smaller and conservative village. The local region comprises of the Darbari Rajput Community. This is an interesting community where women do not speak in the midst of older men. To be more precise, women are supposed to observe Ghunghat.

Dedasan is located in a strategic location. It is present near the head of many irrigation projects. However, life in the village is extremely hard. This is because the soil is not fertile and is extremely rocky. Unlike Kesimba, the village has houses made of temporary straw and mud. And, cattle is often kept in farms are located few meters away from the owner's house.

Dedasan has courteous and friendly people. Nevertheless, you will sense their weariness and fatigue the moment you talk to them.

Villages in Mehsana


The third village I visited was Karbatiya. This is another different village that is not homogenous to Kesimba or Dedasan. The village is extremely prosperous, however it does comprise of caste lines. Small matters of importance are sorted with respect to the rules and regulations imposed by these caste lines. Additionally, the village favours plenty of enterprise growth and commercial activities. A Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant is set in the village.

As shared by our freelancer, Divya D. Dev

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